General Repairs

We Repairs all make and models anything to do with car, engine, transmission, anythig general. Just book your car and we will handle the rest.

Car Computer Scan (Dashboard Light)

Car computer scanning goes beyond detecting issues with your car's mechanics. It will also detect inefficiencies and irregularities with the electronics, which include the lighting systems, audio systems, air conditioning systems, and even the ignition.

We Diagnostics

- Check Engine Light

- Airbag Light

- ABS Light

-Transimssion Light

- Tyre Pressure

and etc.


Rebuilding an engine typically involves: Removing the engine block and disassembling it. Cleaning and inspection to determine the condition of the engine. Replacing damaged parts with new or refurbished parts that meet OEM standards, including piston rings, bearings, gaskets, seals, and lubricants.

Engine what we do:

- Engine services 

- Belts and hoses

- Spark Plugs

- Air Filter

- Cam Belt Replacement

- Gasket Replacement

- Head Gasket Repair

- Oil Leaks

- Engine Repairs and Replacement

- Anything to do with Fuel

- Anything to do with Engine

Transmission and Gearbox

A transmission service is a regular part of routine car maintenance, just like an oil change. The primary aspect of a transmission service is flushing out the old transmission fluid and replacing it with new fluid

What we do:

- Transmission services

- Gearbox services

- Fluid Change

- Flush

- Replacement and Repair.

and etc.


New tires improve your stopping power during rainfall, as well as your handling.WHY ARE TYRES IMPORTANT?

Think about it, tyres are the only thing in your vehicle that actually touch the floor. This means that they are in control of your steering, breaking, acceleration and absorbing all the bumps that the road may throw at you.

When you look at it this way, it becomes obvious that having good quality tyres is essential to your driving experience. There are many different types of tyres available on the market and not all of them provide the same levels of performance. Certain tyres provide much better traction in wet weather or snow, while others provide smoother rolling at high speeds for better fuel consumption and reduced noise.

we supply all brand off tyres just give us a call.


The battery is important because not only does it run your vehicle, but it also will make sure that your anti theft systems are operating correctly. It will help in regulating the electronic fuel injection

We stock battery here too. we do battery tester and over night charging. 


We basically to do with Repairs, Service and even small panel works. 


* Tranmission/Gearbox,

* Drivetrain, Driveline, Axle,

* Suspension and Steering,

 * Rust Repairs,

* W.O.F,

* Coolant Flush 

and etc 


Service Prices

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Basic Service

Starting From


Best Package Offer

Oil and Filter 

All the fluid top up

Under bonnet check-up

Air Filter Extra starting from $40


Warrant of Fitness



Call for booking


Transmission Flush

Starting From


Transmission or Gearbox

Oil and Filter if needed